In today's constantly shifting regulatory environment, keeping up with workforce compliance can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

Real Risks, Sensible Solutions

Discover how automating workforce and HR functions can give you better visibility and allow you to proactively manage compliance across your workforce — regardless of how often regulations change.

Watch Real Risks, Sensible Solutions: Managing Regulatory Compliance with Workforce Automation presented by Laurie McCabe, co-founder of SMB Group, and Toni Coon, CPP, payroll and compliance expert at Kronos. This one-hour webinar will provide valuable insights into:

  • High-impact workforce regulations: Learn which federal, state, and local labor laws you need to watch, how they affect your workforce, and the risks associated with noncompliance.
  • Critical compliance challenges: Find out which factors — from time, budget, and resource constraints to lack of processes and technology — could be impacting your ability to manage compliance effectively.
  • Benefits of automated workforce solutions: Understand how technology provides the integrated framework and automated tools needed to align employment practices with labor laws and regulations.
  • Key criteria for selecting the right technology: Discover the top ten things to look for when evaluating automated workforce solutions for your business.