Looking to Inspire Your Healthcare Workforce?

Take a peek into Kronos CEO Aron Ain’s book WorkInspired.

Healthcare leaders like you face a growing list of challenges in managing your workforce. But as Aron Ain points out in his book WorkInspired, you also have a wealth of ways to address those challenges. What's the first step you can take to build an inspired workforce that contributes to the success of your operations?

Start with truly prioritizing employees. It isn't just good for employees — it's good for business. When you create an atmosphere where people love to work, amazing things can happen.

More about this eBook

You'll be able to:

  • Improve outcomes and your bottom line with the help of an engaged, productive workforce
  • Reduce the impact of the talent shortage by creating a differentiated employee experience that attracts and retains top talent
  • Inspire the next generation of healthcare employees

Get a jump on understanding the concrete methods detailed in Aron Ain's book. You'll touch on a range of topics including becoming an un-leader, overcommunicating, celebrating large and small wins, holding managers accountable, giving employees their time back, getting serious about strategy, having fun, empowering the next generation, and other best practices that you can apply to your operations.

Ready to get started on creating a more productive, engaged workforce? Download the Looking to Inspire Your Healthcare Workforce? eBook now.