Learn how a payroll solution can remove barriers to more efficient payroll processing in The Little Engine That Could: Climbing the Payroll Mountain.

In this article, originally featured in the American Payroll Association’s PAYTECH magazine, a variation of the children’s story The Little Engine That Could is used show how an “I think I can” attitude — along with modern payroll technology — could be what’s needed to scale payroll’s mountain of goals to success.

The Little Engine That Could: Climbing the Payroll Mountain

Lack of time, money, resources, or technology can prevent payroll professionals from contributing in valuable ways to their organizations beyond payroll processing. These include projects for running reports more efficiently, reducing the number of corrections and other payroll issues, updating older payroll processing systems, and staying on track with compliance. In this article, you'll:

  • Read about the latest research on the state of payroll today and how it can affect employee engagement and business outcomes
  • Gain insight about how to better manage constantly changing state and local regulations and rules
  • Learn about the resource drain of maintaining legacy payroll systems
  • Learn about a better way to reach your payroll goals with new technology solutions that can automate everyday tasks for increased efficiency and accuracy

Download this article and see how payroll technology could help your team save significant time and resources to better focus on higher-level improvements and initiatives that can help grow your organization.