This is the last webinar in the HR technology-focused series showcasing thought leaders with insights for integrating technology into their HR strategy.

This webinar series highlights the effective uses of HR technology, best practices for setting-up HR technology in your organization, strategies for identifying a best-fit HR technology system and change management for HR technology.

Leveraging Technology to Automate HR

As the HR industry embraces the future of work, we have technology at our disposal that can help us become more efficient. However, many organizations continue to use manual workarounds for processes that could be partially or fully automated.

Replay Leveraging Technology to Automate HR to hear Eric St-Jean, CEO of CleaHRStrat Consulting, Inc., discuss the capabilities of technology and how you can leverage these advances for small and large HR projects alike. In this webinar, you'll learn what it means to automate HR processes and how to:

  • Identify gaps
  • Explore the functionality of your current HR systems
  • Look for innovative solutions
  • And more!