Unplanned absences, such as those caused by sickness or weather, can have an impact on daily operations. However, managing employee leave of absence requirements and intermittent leave can ultimately require more administration and have a more significant cost impact on your bottom line. Automated leave management increases visibility and productivity while minimizing compliance risk. 

Kronos Workforce Ready Leave Manager

Kronos Workforce Ready® Leave Manager, an add-on module to Workforce Ready Time Keeping or Workforce Ready HR, provides administrators with comprehensive management capabilities that automate the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies. This automated leave administration and tracking is configurable to match the needs of your organization to maintain balances, reduce errors caused by manual processes, and control absence costs.

The system automatically updates new rules and regulations as legislation changes, and U.S. Department of Labor FMLA form templates are kept up to date with the ability to auto-populate information at the push of a button. Also, all associated leave information is conveniently kept together, as any related HR documents can be appended directly to employee case records.

An easy-to-use eligibility tool at both the employee and administrative level provides real-time access to eligibility information for any configured Leave of Absence categories. And, Leave of Absence Calendar accessible through employee self-service and the mobile app, displays a calendar view of all time ranges that an employee is out on either intermittent or continuous leave.

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