Kronos Workforce Ready Accruals Datasheet

Automate accrual tracking for improved accuracy and consistency.

Kronos Workforce Ready Accruals automatically calculates and tracks each employee’s accrued time off based on your organization’s specific rules, policies, and regulations to eliminate manual errors and support fair, consistent policy enforcement; and gives employees and managers instant visibility into current status to speed and simplify time-off requests and approvals.

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Workforce Ready Accruals gives Workforce Ready Time Keeping customers immediate access to accrual balances for submitting or approving time-off requests. Employees can check their accrual balances — by PTO category — via web or mobile app to make sure they have earned time off available before making a request. When managers receive an employee time-off request, they can instantly view accrual balances and approve, modify, or reject the request accordingly.

Set up benefit accrual profiles to determine the rate at which an employee or a group of employees accrues time off, including vacation, personal time, sick time, and more. Track accruals based on user-defined criteria such as hours worked; seniority; grade level; and attendance, performance, and/or wellness points. Create carry-over settings to specify whether an employee can carry forward accrued time, how much, and for how long.

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