Kronos Workforce Data Visualizations Fact Sheet

Gain valuable insights for targeted action

Making sense of tabular report data is slow, tedious work. Kronos Workforce Ready® data visualizations provide instant insights for targeted action.

Who has time to sort through line after line of data when critical decisions need to be made? Kronos Workforce Ready provides flexible, dynamic data visualization options as part of its people analytics tool suite to help you make smart decisions fast. Transform tabular reports into intuitive charts and graphs that highlight what’s most important. And with just a few clicks, pull multiple visuals into dashboards that focus on key metrics.

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Find out how data visualizations can help managers across your organization:

  • Implement long-term strategies based on predictive forecasts and emerging trends
  • Spot potential issues and take fast, proactive action to drive business outcomes
  • Stay on top of workforce trends from anywhere to manage in the moment

Download this informative piece to learn how data visualizations provide actionable insights at a glance.