Kronos Workforce Benchmark Analysis Datasheet

Optimize workforce labor productivity standards for improved business outcomes using Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare

How effective is your workforce management strategy in helping you deliver quality care? Find out with the Kronos Workforce Benchmark Analysis.

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Learn how the Kronos Workforce Benchmark Analysis can identify your current productive hours per unit of service, or labor productivity targets, and actual productivity results and compare them to publicly available benchmarking standards.

The Workforce Benchmark Analysis is designed to assess the current state of your workforce labor management program against department labor productivity targets and actual productivity results in variable, volume-driven departments.

The Assessment will help:

  • Evaluate whether your current workforce management program is supporting you goal of delivering cost-effective quality care
  • Determine whether your productivity results are in line with industry standards
  • Identify areas for improvement using data and interviews
  • Lay the foundation for a sustainable workforce management strategy

Download this datasheet to learn how the Workforce Benchmark Analysis can help you meet your labor productivity targets and deliver more cost-effective quality care.