Kronos at Work in the YMCA

A blueprint for effective management of your YMCA workforce to help you fulfill your mission.

See how Kronos® for YMCA helps your entire organization address critical business issues — from lowering costs to improving employee engagement.

Fulfilling your YMCA's mission successfully starts with cost-controlling tools that help you support quality programs for those who depend on them every day. Kronos solutions can help streamline and improve all your "people processes" — and give you the visibility you need to manage all employee types across multiple locations within a single, centralized application.

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Kronos for YMCA helps you:

  • Leverage mobile solutions to manage and engage with off-site employees
  • Make better-informed scheduling decisions that optimize costs and member experience
  • Maintain compliance with complex requirements
  • Standardize hiring practices to help ensure a safe, high-quality environment

Using an innovative Kronos® workforce solution to attract and retain best-fit people and manage them more cost-effectively means your YMCA can do more to deliver safe, quality programs to your members while reducing costs and reallocating the savings into furthering your critical mission.

Download this piece to learn more about what Kronos can offer your YMCA — from controlling labor costs and increasing productivity to minimizing compliance risk and enhancing employee engagement.

"With Kronos, we streamlined critical processes and subsequently achieved big cost savings, which is a huge benefit for any YMCA or nonprofit organization. Additionally, mobile applications from Kronos allow us to be more innovative in the way we manage our workforce and help ensure that we're providing a consistent, positive member experience across all sites and locations."

Suzanne Goswick, Vice President Human Resources
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas