Kronos Value Estimator

Find out how much a Kronos HCM solution could save you with this fast and easy ROI tool.

Use the Kronos® Value Estimator to see the ROI of investing in an HCM solution — and get a customized report to help support your business case.

It’s not the best time to discover your outdated workforce technology isn’t working that well for your business anymore. An automated HCM solution could really help you streamline processes and reduce costs — but how to make that case amid potential spending cuts?

More about this ROI tool

Start with the Kronos Value Estimator, which:

  • Assesses your organizations’ challenges,
  • Benchmarks these challenges against industry peers, and
  • Quantifies the potential savings and business value of a Kronos solution

In just a few minutes, this tool will assess your ROI and show you how much value you could realize by implementing a Kronos HCM solution. And with the customized report, you’ll be able to better make your business case for investing in new HR and workforce management technology.

Reduce costs and payroll errors, better manage compliance, and improve your employee experience — with help from Kronos. Start with our Value Estimator.