Kronos for State Government Blueprint

Put Kronos for State Government to work for you.

Kronos for State Government solutions helps control costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accuracy, accountability, and transparency — all critical for saving budget dollars and protecting services.

For many state governments, labor is the costliest and most controllable expense. Some of the more transactional aspects of managing the workforce are areas that could benefit from increased efficiency.

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Kronos for State Government automates highly repetitive processes, provides built-in reporting for making data-driven decisions, tracks and maximizes grants, and helps prepare for emergencies.

  • Data-Driven Decisions
    Built-in reporting helps managers gain instant visibility into workforce trends and outliers to identify areas of opportunity for innovation and growth; maximize productivity and minimize costs; maintain predictable labor expenses; and stay within budget.
  • Manage Your Workforce
    Apply and enforce work and pay rules consistently to reduce payroll inflation, errors, and overtime. Automate the application of attendance and leave policies. Generate best-fit schedules to help control labor costs, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.
  • Track and Maximize Grants
    Gain visibility into grant usage, scheduling, productivity, and absenteeism. Gain access to the real-time metrics you need to maximize grant funds and boost productivity.
  • Prepare for Emergencies
    Automated scheduling optimizes the scheduling, communications, and deployment of public safety personnel and corrections officers during a crisis while factoring in time-off requests, certifications, and qualifications.

Download this blueprint today to learn more about how our Kronos for State Government solution can support your government’s entire workforce.