Kronos Paragon for Workforce Ready Fact Sheet

An industry-best deployment that balances excellence and speed

Kronos Paragon™ for Workforce Ready streamlines deployment so you can realize smarter workforce management decision making and solution value faster.

Find out how Kronos Paragon for Workforce Ready provides collaborative tools and workspaces that fast-track processes, support decision making, and provide real-time visibility into your solution deployment.

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Kronos Paragon for Workforce Ready utilizes proven practices and innovative tools and technologies for fast, successful deployment of your Workforce Ready solution in the cloud:

  • Online project management supports collaboration throughout deployment, and online dashboards keep all involved apprised of deployment milestones
  • A pre-built industry-specific solution serves as a foundation for organization-specific configuration to speed time to value
  • Comprehensive system documentation helps the project team understand the solution design and capabilities and how they align with requirements and intended outcomes

Download this informative piece to learn more about Kronos Paragon for Workforce Ready and how its defined initiate, collaborate, and adopt strategy delivers a fast, value-focused deployment.