Kronos for Local Government Blueprint

Automate highly repetitive processes, including time and attendance, absence management, and scheduling.

Kronos® solutions for state/local government agencies help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accountability and transparency.

For many local governments, labor is the costliest and most controllable expense. Kronos for Government solutions automate highly repetitive processes, including time and attendance, absence management, and scheduling-transactional aspects of workforce management that can benefit from increased efficiency to save budget dollars and protect services.

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Critical business issues handled by the solution include:

  • Minimizing compliance risk
    Labor laws can be difficult to understand. With Kronos, your pay rules are pre-configured and audit trails are detailed for when you need them.
  • Improving visibility into leave liability
    Managing absences requires a careful eye and lots of oversight. Employees without access to accrual balances risk taking more time than they've accrued. Kronos tracks absences and cuts down on leave inflation.
  • Applying accurate scheduling
    Manually generating schedules and factoring-in time-off requests, certification, and qualifications can be daunting. Kronos takes the guesswork out of building schedules and frees managers from unnecessary administrative work.
  • Making data-driven decisions
    Better and more complete data can open-up visibility into employee trends and patterns.

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Kronos for Local Government can help your organization meets its objectives for saving budget dollars and protecting services.

"Kronos automatically puts people where they need to be, and it's a lot less work to work on the schedule. Now I spend only half an hour a day tweaking the schedule."
–Sgt. Rodolfo Padilla
Operations Sergeant, Las Vegas Department of Public Safety