Kronos iSeries History Datasheet

Kronos iSeries History, part of the Kronos iSeries Central suite, provides robust, intuitive tools for analyzing time and attendance data.

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Using information captured by Kronos iSeries Central, Kronos iSeries History makes up-to-date critical labor data available immediately, so you can make better decisions, maximize resources, and simplify compliance.

Kronos iSeries History stores and manages time and attendance information captured by Kronos iSeries Timekeeper. Managers at all levels can access information to help them enforce internal policies, administer reward programs, perform annual reviews, manage union requirements, and respond to employee-related inquiries.

Key benefits of Kronos iSeries History include:

  • Automatically build a useful database of time and labor information
  • View and analyze workforce trends to maximize your available resources
  • Boost performance by using your labor data to improve decision making
  • Track nonproductive time, such as unscheduled absences and late arrivals
  • Create reports to analyze trends, develop plans, and help meet compliance

Download this datasheet to learn more about how Kronos iSeries History can help meet the time and attendance needs of your organization.

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