To increase overall business performance, many organizations are streamlining their labor processes. They’re discovering that effective workforce management can help them better align employee goals with organizational objectives, which helps improve performance, competitiveness, and bottom-line results.

Kronos iSeries Central Suite Time and Labor Solutions Guide

These organizations are cutting costs by reducing payroll errors and inflation, improving overtime management, and controlling labor expenses. They’re also managing employee absences proactively, resulting in lower costs and enhanced productivity.

Then, to ensure that all their new improvements are sustainable, these organizations are empowering frontline managers, by giving them the accurate information they need to make better-informed decisions and take effective action in real time.

Kronos iSeries Central applications can provide these benefits by eliminating error-prone, manual administrative tasks related to time and attendance data collection, workforce activity tracking, and leave management. Automating employee-centric processes can help improve productivity and profitability.

Our solutions also give you the ability to apply your specific pay and work policies across your entire organization, which can raise employee satisfaction. And our automated solutions help reduce noncompliance risks and leave liability, with comprehensive auditing capabilities and easy-to-use reporting tools that help simplify the job of complying with government regulations and union contracts.

Kronos iSeries Central’s time and labor applications — Kronos iSeries Timekeeper, Kronos iSeries Activities, Kronos iSeries Attendance, Kronos iSeries Leave, Kronos iSeries Accruals, and Kronos iSeries History — can help reduce your administrative burdens and compliance risks, improve productivity, and enhance overall performance.