Reducing labor costs while increasing productivity is a challenge for any organization. To achieve this goal, organizations must have greater visibility and control over workforce activities, which also helps to support operational excellence.

Kronos iSeries Activities Datasheet

Now you can achieve increased performance and better bottomline results at the same time. Kronos iSeries Activities gives your managers real-time access to detailed labor activity data that enables them to quickly respond to production issues, enhance productivity, and control labor costs.

With improved visibility over workforce activities, frontline managers are empowered to optimize work-related processes and make proactive decisions on the shop floor to quickly resolve bottlenecks before any issues affect production and your bottom line. Managers also gain the ability to measure actual performance against established metrics, which is critical to maintaining continuous process improvement programs.

Finally, executives will gain an understanding of exactly how labor is utilized across the entire organization, which leads to optimized labor allocation, increased control over labor costs, more accurate job costing, and minimized margin erosion. These all contribute to your organization becoming more efficient, agile, competitive, and profitable.


  • Enhance shop floor visibility and control.
  • Proactively resolve bottlenecks in real time.
  • Improve labor productivity and quality.
  • Reconcile direct and indirect labor costs.
  • Support continuous process improvement.