Kronos iSeries Activities Datasheet

Kronos iSeries Activities provides real-time access to labor activity data that enables managers to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

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Kronos iSeries Activities is a web-based application that captures labor activity data at all stages of production and provides timely information about production costs, location and status of jobs on the shop floor, projected job completion times, and other metrics. This real-time information can be used to proactively resolve production issues as they occur, enhance productivity and control labor costs.

With improved visibility over workforce activities, frontline managers also gain the ability to measure actual performance against established metrics, which is critical to maintaining continuous process improvement programs.

Kronos iSeries Activities offers a range of benefits:

  • Enhances shop floor visibility and control
  • Proactively resolve bottlenecks in real time
  • Improve labor productivity and quality
  • Reconcile direct and indirect labor costs
  • Support continuous process improvement

Download this datasheet to learn more about how Kronos iSeries Activities can meet the needs of your organization.