What if your entire workforce could accomplish daily HCM tasks with consumer-grade speed and ease? The Kronos® HCM experience makes it possible.

Kronos is revolutionizing how people experience work — from pre-hire to retire — through an intuitive, responsive HCM platform. Our unified HCM suite makes it fast and easy to get things done — from applying for jobs and enrolling in benefits to managing time and tracking performance. It delivers a seamless HCM experience that engages, delights, and empowers your people to perform at their full potential.

The Kronos HCM Experience Fact Sheet

Find out how the Kronos HCM experience lets you:

  • Work smarter with embedded people analytics that provide instant insights
  • Work your way to take care of tasks — fast — from anyplace and any device
  • Work in the modern cloud using a unified HCM suite across the employee lifecycle

Download this informative piece to learn about a better way to build and nurture an engaged and inspired workforce focused on driving results.