Kronos for Grocery

Utilize your biggest differentiator in the grocery industry by optimizing your workforce

Kronos for Grocery alleviates workforce management challenges and helps deliver a quality customer experience that drives better business outcomes.

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With increased competition from both neighborhood and online grocery retailers, providing exceptional customer service from engaged, empowered, and productive employees is the differentiator that attracts customers-and keeps them coming back.

Kronos for Grocery offers a comprehensive workforce solution that can help you attract and retain best-fit employees, and effectively manage the critical business issues you face daily, including escalating labor costs, employee engagement and productivity challenges, and new and evolving labor laws.

Kronos® workforce solutions are designed for everyone in your organization, and offer benefits and features that include:

  • Better control over labor costs, with automated time and attendance processes that eliminate payroll errors and reduce overtime rates
  • Attracting and retaining a quality workforce that will stick around for the long-term
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity, with self-service and mobile tools that enable staff to easily view schedules, request time off, and pick-up shifts
  • Minimizing compliance risk, with automatically enforced adherence to federal, state, and local labor laws

Download this solution guide to learn more about how Kronos for Grocery can help you deliver a positive, in-store experience-and give you the competitive advantage you're looking for.

"With optimized scheduling, we're getting sales benefits from executing on service strategies-from having the right person with the right skill set in the right place at the right time, to making sure products are fresh and in place, according to our presentation guidelines. This is about competitive advantage."

Norm Daigle
Manager of Labor & Productivity