Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal Datasheet

Integrated scheduling portal connects multiple solutions for fast communication with on-call clinicians

Having multiple hospital scheduling solutions can slow identifying and contacting on-call clinicians. The Kronos EZCall® Enterprise Portal solves this.

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Discover how the Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal — an integrated scheduling portal — connects multiple scheduling solutions, quickly shows which clinicians are on call across the enterprise, and streamlines communicating with them.

Using the Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal, your organization can:

  • View integrated real-time schedules from virtually any scheduling system
  • Access a single source of truth of who is on call across the enterprise and how best to contact on-call clinicians
  • Eliminate time wasted identifying and contacting on-call staff, reducing time-to-treatment and optimizing patient care
  • Improve compliance with regulations related to on-call clinician staffing

Download this informative datasheet to learn how the Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal streamlines contacting on-call staff to help improve patient care delivery.