Kronos Cloud vs. Third-Party Hosting and On-Premise Deployment

How to conduct a thorough cost analysis of these options

Does it make sense to deploy your Kronos® solution on premise, in a third-party cloud, or the Kronos Cloud? Learn how to accurately compare the costs.

More about this white paper

Numerous expenses must be considered when determining which of these deployment options is the most cost-effective. For organizations facing tight budgets or limited IT resources, actively comparing the costs of having your Kronos solution(s) on premise, hosted by a third-party cloud service, or deployed in the Kronos Cloud is particularly valuable.

This white paper provides a detailed list of items to consider when evaluating these options, including:

  • On-premise deployment: Use this detailed list of cost considerations associated with datacenter infrastructure and operations, hardware and servers, IT infrastructure and labor costs, backup services, disaster recovery, and more
  • Third-party cloud providers: While they offer infrastructure and hosting services, their potentially limited support services should be considered in addition to cost
  • Kronos Cloud services: For a predictable monthly fee, Kronos Cloud users enjoy a long list of benefits, including easy and secure solution access over the web; comprehensive hosting, management, and maintenance of your Kronos workforce management solutions; 99.75 percent uptime guarantee; backup services; proactive service packs; and more

Download this informative white paper to learn how you can evaluate the costs of these three options to determine the best choice for your organization.