Kronos commissioned Boston Research Group to design and conduct a study to understand customer experiences with Kronos Cloud Services. The findings discussed in this paper are based on an in-depth survey administered to managers and staff who are existing Workforce Central customers in North America. Download this survey to learn about the benefits for managers and staff when you outsource the hosting and management of your Kronos Workforce Central applications to Cloud Services.

Kronos Cloud Service: The Customer Experience

Managers claimed:

  • The solution is implemented faster
  • Fewer staff are needed so people can be reassigned to other priorities
  • The solution is more reliable and they enjoy better business continuity
  • The solution is more scalable and they’re getting more out of the solution

And by going with Kronos Cloud Services, many in staff-level positions say they're relieved of mundane tasks, upgrades are easier, and the Kronos support team resolves issues quickly.

No matter how you choose to deploy your application — on your own site, at Kronos, or at another hosting provider — we have the flexibility to meet your needs. Kronos Cloud Services takes care of your system, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

How can your organization benefit from moving your Kronos Workforce Central solution to the Kronos Cloud?