Kronos Benefits Health Checklist

Learn what your metrics are telling you.

Learn how Kronos can help you keep track of the important metrics that provide insight into how your benefits plans measure up to employee needs.

Looking at your plans from a metrics perspective can help you better evaluate which benefits are truly valued by your employees — and which may need to be re-assessed. With the right information at your fingertips, you can gain negotiate best-fit packages while staying within budget. Kronos can help you keep track of these important metrics, including:

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  • Healthcare cost trends
  • Metabolic syndrome prevalence
  • Completion of preventive visits
  • Emergency room utilization
  • Employment engagement/satisfaction scores
  • Program participation
  • Average health risks per employee
  • Cost of benefits

Download this checklist today to learn more about how our Kronos can help you calculate a pre-solution baseline and track solutions impact