Kronos Benefits Center Fact Sheet

Create a better benefits experience for employees and HR administrators.

Benefits administration can be complex and time-consuming. The Kronos® Benefits Center automates processes so HR staff can efficiently manage benefits.

Learn how the Kronos Benefits Center is revolutionizing benefits administration for HR administrators and creating an improved benefits experience for employees.

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With the Kronos Benefits Center HR administrators and employees are able to enjoy a fully automated experience that saves times, increases engagement, improves compliance, and provides accurate records. The Kronos Benefits Center offers:

  • A personalized experience for employees as they shop for and enroll in benefits online
  • Benefits education to support employees in making their benefits selections
  • Benefits options that reflect your business rules during open enrollment and the rest of the year
  • Custom communication to employee groups and helpful enrollment reminders
  • Easy reconciliation with carrier invoices and automated generation of bill previews and reports
  • Compliance with ACA reporting requirements
  • Automated tracking of COBRA eligibility and events
  • Ongoing administration of life events and carrier connections
  • Customized analytics and reporting options for fast access to benefits and coverage information
  • Utilize the expertise of PlanSource, a Kronos benefits administration partner, through outsourced services that complete your benefits administration, saving time and resources

Download this informative fact sheet to learn more about how the Kronos Benefits Center can save significant benefits administration time and enhance the benefits experience of your employees.

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