It’s Time to Bring Perioperative Scheduling into the 21st Century

Making perioperative scheduling more transparent and efficient could impact your organization and staff.

OR schedules can impact outcomes. Automated perioperative scheduling speeds up analysis and decision-making, creating fairer, more transparent schedules.

Learn why now is the right time to automate perioperative scheduling, ensuring clinical staff with the rights skills are in the operating room at the right times and giving those who manage OR scheduling more time to focus on other critical tasks.

More about this white paper

Automated OR scheduling software doesn't replace the work of skilled nurse managers in creating OR schedules but enhances and supports their work. Sharing schedule information is easier too. OR scheduling software that can be accessed from anywhere allows everyone who relies on the schedule to learn about changes as they happen, using the devices they prefer. And with clinical staff able to learn about schedule changes further in advance, they can be well prepared for upcoming assignments.

In this white paper, which outlines the benefits of using modern perioperative scheduling software, you'll learn how the technology can help:

  • Enable faster, more accurate decision-making
  • Simplify the OR scheduling process
  • Reduce burnout and boost morale
  • Ensure better day-to-day communication about OR schedules
  • Improve overall OR utilization to deliver more profits for your hospital

Download this informative piece to learn why it's time to bring your perioperative scheduling processes into the 21st century.