In the webinar, we explore the FMSI 2017 Teller Line Study to show how certain trends are influencing branch evolution in the financial industry.

Is it Time to Take a Closer Look at Branch Efficiency?

Over the past 25 years, the banking industry has witnessed a costly combination of steady labor cost increases and continued branch traffic declines. Average monthly volume for teller transactions is down 34.2 percent since 1992, while teller labor costs for the same period have risen a staggering 147.9 percent, forcing financial institutions to respond.

By analyzing transaction volumes, pay rates, labor costs per transactions, and part-time employee utilization, institutions can gain insight into how they can maximize workforce optimization, reduce operating costs, and improve sales and service levels.

Hear about QNC Bank’s experience in transforming their branch model to be more efficient, productive, and aligned with today’s customer needs. Dale Wentz, EVP/Chief Retail Office at QNB Bank is joined by Chad Davis, Senior Industry Marketing Manager, Kronos to share how moving from a traditional branch to a more customer-friendly one, with an emphasis on the technology, delivers the solution customers want.