Often the best fit for a position comes from within. Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition supports internal mobility initiatives enabling existing employees to search and apply for open positions within your company. Internal mobility has been proven to improve employee morale and loyalty, and increase retention, by facilitating an employee’s ability to plan his or her career within your company rather than seeking outside opportunities.

The Kronos internal mobility solution provides a dedicated career site open only to your existing employees. Using information from your HRIS system, each employee creates a unique login to enter the career site and view relevant positions. Basic information such as name, address, and email is pre-populated to ensure new hire information flows to your HRIS system seamlessly upon hire.

Internal Mobility with Workforce Talent Acquisition

Advertise to employees only and hire internal talent

Provide your managers with the ability to post positions and identify and hire internal talent with a myriad of options to suit your business’s needs. Hiring managers can easily identify internal versus external candidates from within the Hiring Management Console. The internal mobility solution is fully integrated with Workforce Talent Acquisition, so all your hiring needs are met with a single applicant-tracking platform.

Key features and benefits

• Dedicated career site for all internal employees

• Employee-only logins with pre-populated information for seamless flow to your HRIS systems

• Tailored application experience to streamline the process for internal candidates

• Easy to identify internal applicants in the Hiring Management Console via graphical indicators

Download this datasheet to learn more about how to tap into the valuable resource that you have in your existing employees.