Integration with a Manufacturing Execution System and UKG AutoTime Datasheet

Integration with a manufacturing execution system delivers real-time labor tracking.

Integrating a manufacturing execution system (MES) with UKG AutoTime™ delivers real-time data that can optimize shop floor performance.

An MES can be the heart of production. It oversees manufacturing systems and data flow and assists employees in accepting work assignments, seeing job instructions, reporting on projects, and tracking their time. Integrating UKG AutoTime with an MES can take production to the next level.

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The benefits of this integration include:

  • A single point of access for shop floor employees: manufacturing data is entered into the MES and time and labor information is sent to UKG AutoTime
  • A connection between production and financials, procurement, and inventory processes
  • Visibility into customer orders, estimate accuracy, and supply chain issues
  • Increased productivity and labor cost control
  • A detailed audit trail for compliance reporting

Download this informative piece to learn about UKG AutoTime and MES integration options and see an illustration of how the integration works on the shop floor.