Over 13.6 million1 Americans report being overpaid, but not all return overpayments. Without automated timekeeping, you could be overpaying employees.

Discover how a powerful automated timekeeping solution can help your organization gain insight into workplace practices that could be leading to payroll overpayments.

How Can Time Clocks Drive Strategy? Insights into Controllable Costs

During this webinar, presenter John Frehse, Senior Managing Director with the Ankura Group, and Toni Coon, CPP, Marketing Development Manager at Kronos, will discuss:

  • Time theft, gaming the timekeeping system, and how incremental minutes can lead to unnecessary overtime
  • How insight into payroll inflation patterns can uncover hidden costs and compliance issues
  • How advanced workforce analytics can provide visibility into employee data to help ensure compliance with rules and policies Access this webinar to learn more about how automated timekeeping can provide insight into your controllable labor costs.

1Calculation based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report from January 2017 that estimates there are 152.08 million employed people in the U.S.: 152.08M x 9% = 13.68 million