Create a strategy to optimize your workforce management solutions now and in the future. Learn how Kronos® Advisory Services can help.

Infographic: Maximizing Kronos Workforce Management Solutions

Organizations worldwide have implemented Kronos workforce technology to help streamline their HR processes and engage their workforce. In a recent survey conducted by Gatepoint Research, 89 percent of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with Kronos. Most respondents saw big changes in their organization; 35 percent saw significant organic growth, and 53 percent said they would like to implement additional Kronos capabilities.

Respondents see the potential in Kronos solutions. However, they face key challenges in putting them into practice such as, difficulty tracking and assessing goals (40 percent); employees not using the systems as intended (58 percent); and identifying best practices to maximize Kronos capabilities (40 percent). The survey found that 53 percent of respondents are interested in looking at ways to improve the use of their workforce management system once they see evidence of a business benefit.

To get the most out of Kronos workforce management solutions, Kronos Advisory Services can help:

  • Define a workforce management strategy
  • Measure progress
  • Address current and future needs

Download this infographic to learn why Kronos Advisory Services may be right for you.