Research has proved repeatedly that employees who are engaged and satisfied with their jobs are more likely to be motivated toward positive performance and long-term commitment. When employees are disengaged, the negative implications can be far-reaching, affecting both the employee and the agency.

Today's public safety labor force is more diverse than ever. Millennials are currently the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, but each generation has unique needs and expectations regarding their work. Public safety leaders must strike a balance between engaging employees and ensuring that agency demands for adequate staffing and regulatory requirements are met.

Increase Engagement with Modern Scheduling Technology eBook

Fortunately, automated scheduling technology is available that can help you optimize employee engagement across your multigenerational workforce, from the frontline responders to administrative staff. Using scheduling and workforce management automation can help your entire workforce feel they are valued, treated fairly, and have control over their schedules, as well as help simplify and reduce the scheduling workload for managers.

3 Ways automated scheduling technology can enhance engagement

  1. Eliminating manual scheduling tasks and empowering employees with self-service
  2. Reducing mistakes and providing fairness by adhering to rules and policies
  3. Eliminating redundancy and simplifying scheduling and workforce management tasks

An automated scheduling solution can positively impact employee engagement and create a more open, fair, transparent, and compliant work environment.

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