Productivity-based employee scheduling can help increase customer satisfaction levels and sales.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Productivity-Based Scheduling

The key to retail success is happy customers. Happy customers beget return business, customer loyalty, competitive differentiation, and increased sales.


With customer satisfaction moving front and center as a competitive differentiator, retailers must use every tool in their arsenals to make their store experience stand out. Scheduling the most productive employees to work at the most in-demand times makes intuitive sense, but many retailers are favoring seniority, preference, or other factors over best-fit employees in their scheduling. Retailers leveraging a best-fit employee scheduling strategy are experiencing higher customer satisfaction levels and increased sales.

Consumers know they are now in a power position over retailers and bring those expectations to every shopping encounter. The best way to enhance customer service and satisfaction is to understand their expectations, then meet or exceed them. A retailer that meets or exceeds these high expectations gets attention.

Employee scheduling software can help you take customer service to the next level. Learn how.