Using good-quality data not only benefits payroll processes, it empowers payroll professionals and is an important factor in employee engagement.

Too many businesses today have error-filled data flowing into their time and payroll systems — a scenario that makes it hard for payroll professionals to perform their jobs and provide the perfect paycheck every time. This inevitably affects the entire business in terms of lost productivity, low employee morale, inflated labor costs, compliance risks, and an overall lack of visibility into key metrics and trends.

Improving Payroll Efficiencies from Punch to Paycheck

In this webinar, Kronos payroll and compliance expert Toni Coon, CPP, explores how a powerful payroll solution can help increase your visibility into trends and patterns that could be costing you in both efficiencies and dollars. Discussion topics will include:

  • Building a strong time and attendance foundation and its impact on payroll
  • How to avoid lost productivity and create a positive employee experience through payroll
  • Developing a plan for change and standardizing processes for automation

Replay this informative webinar to learn more about how the right payroll solution could benefit your organization.