With attrition rates in financial services as high as 40 percent, it may be time to re-examine the onboarding process in the financial services sector.

As the financial services industry strives to rebuild its image, win customer loyalty, and fuel continued growth, implementing effective people strategies is more important than ever. Because the workforce is a key differentiator in this service-oriented industry, business leaders need to take a proactive approach to engaging and retaining talent — an initiative that starts with onboarding.

Improved Best Practices for Onboarding eBook

Research shows that having a more effective approach to onboarding can lead to better new-employee retention, reduced turnover, and getting new hires ramped up and productive more quickly. This ebook explores current onboarding practices in financial services and the importance of:

  • The preboarding process
  • Outlining essential onboarding actions to take in the first six months
  • Sharing the onboarding burden
  • Measuring your onboarding program's success

Download this informative ebook to use it as a guide for creating an exceptional onboarding program for both your new hires and your organization. A hassle-free process will allow you to focus on the "human" part of human resources and transform a typical new-employee experience into a great experience.