Human Resources PARTS Action Plan

Make strategic HR change by knowing where you are now and where you need to go.

Take our quick HR PARTS assessment to see where you stand now and build an action plan around the changes you can make to succeed with your business goals and employee experience.

Get proactive about your HR action plan by identifying the PARTS you need to make positive change, succeed at business goals, and build a strong employee experience.

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Our PARTS framework will help you identify targeted opportunities for improvement by evaluating your current HR processes in the following areas:

  • PERSONAL needs that will help you/your HR team be strategic
  • ACQUIRING the right new employees through your recruiting processes
  • RETAINING your top performers
  • TRAINING and development opportunities to support company growth
  • SUSTAINING the workplace culture you worked so hard to build

Download this worksheet to build your action plan and start making positive, strategic HR changes.