In The Human Capital Treasure Map and the Moments that Matter Along the Way webinar, learn how you can maximize the impact of your HCM technology.

HCM technology plays a critical role in an organization’s journey from dealing with manual, labor-intensive HR to becoming a strategic powerhouse. The HCM Treasure Map visualizes this journey and provides practical examples to illustrate how critical HR capacity can be created to focus on acute business issues, such as optimizing the employee experience, attracting and retaining talent, and improving employee commitment.

The Human Capital Treasure Map and the Moments That Matter Along the Way webinar replay

Replay this webinar to explore learning outcomes that include:

  • A review of the individual stages of the HCM "transition journey" as visualized by the HCM Treasure Map
  • The formulation of a business case for eliminating, automating, and redesigning tactical HR tasks
  • The benefits of an effective HCM strategy and how to connect that strategy with key business goals
  • An explanation of the Moments That Matter most to everyone at an organization, and how they can be turned into opportunities to connect and engage