Managing a multigenerational workforce is the new challenge facing organizations today. The Kronos  human capital management (HCM) solution offers end-to-end employee lifecycle management on a unified platform that embraces the entire workforce. It integrates HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and more — while providing managers with a single employee record for driving productivity, increasing employee engagement, and making better business decisions.

Human Capital Management for the Multigenerational Workforce

Who are the players in the multigenerational workforce?  What are the critical HCM trends at the forefront of this change and how will you manage your workforce — both now and in the future? What are some of the technology choices available to you for managing the multigenerational workforce?

Download this document to learn more about HCM and the employee life cycle.  Take some of the mystery out of recruiting, managing, engaging, developing, retaining and offboarding five fundamentally different employee populations. The demographics of the workplace are changing, and along with them the role of human resources. Are you ready to manage the different needs and expectations of this complex and diverse employee mix?  See how technology can help you meet the demands of an evolving workplace.