HR’s Role in Business Continuity

COVID-19 and Beyond.

This eBook helps you take strategic steps and put measures in place that can help protect your organization and your employees in times of crisis.

Times of uncertainty can be overwhelming for organizations. HR professionals play a key role in policy creation and employee communication. That’s why it’s critical that they effectively coordinate response plans, take extra safety measures, and help employees feel secure during major business disruptions such as public health emergencies, natural disasters, and cybersecurity threats.

More about this eBook

This eBook, HR’s Role in Business Continuity: COVID-19 and Beyond, explores how technology can be used to support business continuity in a number of ways, including:

  • Managing internal communications
  • Tracking employee awareness and identifying risks
  • Setting up a virtual workplace
  • Prioritizing employee support and well-being
  • Asking questions and being proactive

The plans and strategies outlined in this eBook will serve you well when emergencies strike. Download it today to learn more about what you can do to keep your organization running and your employees safe.