This is the third webinar in Human Resources Today's Payroll and Compliance series featuring thought leaders who create payroll and compliance strategies.

Technology is evolving, and the workplace is evolving with it. For example: In 2016, 43% of Americans reported that they spend at least some time working remotely, and Gallup has found that the ability to work flexible hours and work remotely greatly impacts employees' decisions about whether to leave a job. For HR professionals, technology can improve the accuracy of your payroll data, make it easier to enroll employees in benefits (and change them), and free up your time for the big-picture projects you need to focus on.

HR Technology Trends and Compliance Guide webinar replay

Replay HR Technology Trends and Compliance Guide to explore how the key to maintaining compliance across a diverse and shifting workplace landscape is implementation. Presented by Marcus Ambrozy, Senior Sales Consultant, Hodges-Mace, the webinar will provide:

  • A must-have overview on what's trending in HR technology as it relates to benefits, HRIS, and payroll
  • Best practices related to the implementation of technology — including knowing which technology you need, and why
  • A complete guide to staying compliant as you enact these changes