The Risky Business Survey outlines the risks of unsupported compliance activities. Learn what payroll and HR leaders said about compliance shortcuts.

This survey by The Workforce Institute™ at Kronos and Future Workplace determined that many organizations are shortchanging their compliance activities, creating potential organizational threats in a number of areas.

Is HR a Risky Business? Article

Results from the survey revealed that:

  • A deficiency in funding and staffing is the major cause of compliance issues
  • Risky practices were most often identified at organizations with HR systems five or more years old
  • Having duplicate employee records puts an organization at risk for compliance shortcuts
  • Newer compliance-related technology solutions reduced time spent on compliance from 43 to 34 hours per week

Download this informative article reprint to learn more about what payroll professionals and HR leaders have identified as key compliance issues and how compliance risks can be reduced.

"Organizations that ensure their HR and payroll teams have access to modern solutions will be able to strike a better balance between time-consuming compliance requirements and the strategic activities needed to build a highly engaged workforce."

Joyce Maroney, Director
The Workforce Institute at Kronos