Kronos® HR and Payroll Answerforce puts the information you need to deliver accurate HR and payroll compliance at your fingertips.

HR and Payroll Answerforce

If you’re running an organization, chances are you don’t have time to chase after information on the ever-changing legislative landscape. But when critical HR and payroll laws and regulations have a real impact on your business, there’s no way around it: If you don’t keep up, you risk costly compliance issues. HR and Payroll Answerforce provides answers to thousands of HR- and payroll-related questions with a searchable database of regularly updated state and federal laws and legal summaries

Key benefits of HR and Payroll Answerforce include:

  • Minimizing compliance risk by providing access to up-to-date state and federal laws in a searchable library database
  • Providing comprehensive compliance information in easy-to-understand summaries
  • Delivering key compliance information to your inbox
  • Reducing administrative task time with a suite of tools and calculators, plus sample employment policies and forms
  • International compliance content for a total of 24 countries

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about how HR and Payroll Answerforce can help your organization stay compliant.

Please note: HR and Payroll Answerforce is available free via the Kronos Community to all Kronos customers who have both registered and logged in.