Control labor costs without compromising care. Learn how Kronos Workforce Central® can help.

Mission Health knew that to deliver the best possible patient care, they would need to empower their staff while optimizing their labor costs. During this webinar, we will discuss how they were able to gain visibility into timekeeping data and modify their policies to save thousands of dollars.

How Mission Health Was Able to Optimize Cost, Save $500K

To begin with, Mission Health reviewed their workforce management policies and found 23 timekeeping and payroll policies which contradicted each other. So, leadership consolidated them, and outlined specific expectations for each. To evaluate the new practices, they looked at "clock in" and "clock out" data. Visibility into the data gave Mission Health better insight into workforce behaviors. They discovered that early and very early clock-ins were costing $1.5 million a year. Going forward Mission Health wanted to drive adoption of the workforce management system among staff, so they took three key steps:

  • Interviewed nurses about their perception of the solution
  • Trained staff on the system's functions
  • Educated the staff on the importance of managing labor costs

With just these few steps, Mission Health was able to save $500K, and as a result save jobs.

Hear how Kronos workforce management solution helped them achieve their goal.