Absenteeism is unpredictable – but Kronos automated solutions help you schedule smarter to discourage unplanned absences and keep productivity on track.

How to Manage Unexpected Employee Absence and Increase the Bottom Line Whitepaper

Find out how Kronos automated solutions can help support your attendance policies and enhance your scheduling practices, helping you create smarter schedules that keep employees engaged.

From long breaks to tardiness to early departures, “partial shift” absenteeism can take many forms, making it difficult to predict and manage. Kronos solutions support you in creating fair and transparent schedules that honor employee preferences and maximize engagement and boost morale.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Kronos automated solutions can help you mitigate the cost of absenteeism and create accurate, fair schedules that boost employee morale and reduce unplanned absences.

In 2015, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed 94,000 workers across 14 major occupations in the United States and found that absenteeism-related productivity loss accounts for a staggering $84 billion in annual losses.”