HR and payroll are transforming the way they work to increase efficiency, respond to the needs of modern employees, and help business run smoothly.

Many of the people-focused functions in your organization like HR and payroll are due for a technology upgrade. When IT builds a strategic partnership with these functions, it's easier to meet the challenges they face while also freeing up resources to work on other business-critical initiatives.

How IT Can Partner to Solve Challenges of HR and Payroll

A strong partnership between IT and people-focused departments like HR and Payroll helps you better allocate resources and improve the contribution HR, payroll, and IT make to the company as a whole.

Five things to consider as you explore technology options include:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting
  • A consumer-grade experience
  • Look to the cloud
  • Integration helps build connections
  • Find a vendor that understands your business

"The people-focused initiatives that HR teams work on every day are a part of the digital transformation movement underway at many companies."