How Healthcare Organizations Have Adapted Workforce Processes

Hear how our customers managed their workforces through the pandemic.

Healthcare organizations faced extreme challenges during COVID-19. In How Healthcare Organizations Have Adapted Workforce Processes During the Pandemic, learn how Kronos customers have used their existing technology to manage complexity in meeting workforce needs.

This industry report shares insight from healthcare leaders on how they have leveraged their Kronos solutions to meet a wide range of staffing and workforce management challenges during the pandemic.

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Some of the ways that healthcare organizations have adapted their workforce systems and processes include:

  • Mobile and self-service to handle an increased number of employees working remotely, avoid use of shared timeclocks, and communicate quickly with staff
  • Reporting of daily COVID-19 workforce updates for leadership and agency worker time-worked reports for agency billing
  • Time tracking of employees working in COVID-19 areas via specific pay codes and tracking employee time off because of COVID-19 exposure
  • Paid-time-off and accruals tracking to note the reason for PTO and enable negative PTO
  • Staffing and scheduling flexibility to utilize employees where they are most needed and create equitable shift assignments

Also learn about the new Kronos Emergency Response Unit configuration to help organizations manage staffing resources and the Employee Contact Tracing Tool to streamline the contact-tracing process.

Download this informative piece to learn specifics about how healthcare organizations have used their Kronos solutions to successfully meet the challenges presented by COVID-19.