How Dave & Buster’s Modernized Its Workforce Management Experience

Balancing technology with a human touch is key

Cultivate an unforgettable guest experience by investing in resources to enrich the workplace for managers and employees.

Organizations looking to further engage their workforce and deliver memorable guest experiences should ask themselves: “How can I enrich the employee experience so my people feel inspired at work?” Investing in new technology that automates routine tasks and surfaces business insights using machine learning and analytics is a great place to start. For example, with the right technology, managers in the restaurant industry can be freed from the cumbersome or manual processes that may have previously prevented them from fully engaging with the people in the restaurant. Likewise, this technology can leave frontline staff with the flexibility and bandwidth to foster an exceptional guest experience and boost customer loyalty as a result.

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Entertainment giant Dave & Buster’s has made impressive strides in its journey to optimize employee engagement and productivity across its 110 restaurant locations by launching a modernized workforce management experience. Because their business is centered around creating uniquely fun guest experiences, they implement technologies that empower their employees to delight customers with a friendly human touch—the kind many of us seek out or expect when interacting with a company or brand. By leveraging high tech to wick away basic work, humans are left to do what only the high touch can do: engage, understand, and connect.

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