Hourly and Salaried Employee Compliance Analytics

Leverage analytics and insights to help your organization adhere to compliance regulations.

Kronos® Employee Compliance Analytics for hourly and salaried employees makes it easy for you to access the tactical data you need to maintain compliance. Learn how to maintain compliance for all-collar employees with clear views into employee data to help you avoid costly wage and hour lawsuits.

Find out how the Kronos Employee Compliance Analytics helps your organization adhere to compliance regulations for both hourly and salaried employees.

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With data-driven evidence and real-time reports extracted through employee analytics, you can help managers, directors, and other team members avoid costly compliance issues that may expose your organization to wage and hour lawsuits.

  • Access all employee compliance data in one unified view from one reliable source
  • Leverage real-time employee data to better manage compliance across your organization
  • Keep pace with ever-changing regulations for the Department of labor and other government and industry requirements
  • Take fast, proactive action on workforce compliance risk to make the most impact

Make fast, informed decisions based on reliable insights from your employee data to help ensure compliance for everyone — hourly and salaried — across your organization.

Download this informative fact sheet to learn how Kronos Employee compliance Analytics can help you identify workforce compliance issues that could create inequity among employees, incorrectly record employee time, or delay corrections and credits on time records.