In Higher Education Workforce Compliance Health Check, you'll learn from the experts how to manage compliance with a diverse higher ed workforce.

Adhering to the wide range of labor laws and policies instituted by federal, state, local entities along with unions and funding agencies is difficult under the best of circumstances. Add in outdated manual time-tracking processes and disparate workforce systems, and you have a recipe for potentially disastrous noncompliance that could include fines, lawsuits, and loss of funding.

In this on-demand webinar, our experts discuss how Kronos® for Higher Education can centralize all your compliance requirements in a single system to help you apply necessary policies and rules more consistently, fairly, and accurately — helping you avoid noncompliance and freeing your employees to focus on other essential tasks.

Higher Education Workforce Compliance Health Check

This webinar will provide insight in the following areas:

  • Federal: FLSA overtime threshold increase, FMLA, and tax form W-4 changes
  • State/Local: Minimum wage and FMLA new individual state regulations as well as paycards, predictive scheduling, on-demand pay, and more
  • Campus: Federal Work Study Program and research grants


  • Teresa Smith, Strategic Advisor, Kronos
  • Gavin Reeg Sr., Workforce Solutions Consultant, Kronos
  • Melissa Duckett, Financial Systems Analyst, University of Alabama at Birmingham