Hassle-Free Onboarding is Critical in Financial Services Infographic

Effective onboarding leads to improved retention, reduced turnover, and faster time to productivity.

With the right tools, onboarding can be a hassle-free process that allows organizations to focus on the human part of human resources.

Attrition rates in financial services can run as high as 40 percent. This infographic demonstrates that organizations in the financial sector are more likely to have direct goals for their onboarding programs that include:

  • Integrating new employees into the culture
  • Creating new-hire buy-in with organizational business strategy, products, and services
  • Clarifying responsibilities of roles
  • Reducing time to proficiency

More about this infographic

Financial services organizations emphasize a few metrics more than others to evaluate their onboarding programs, including the quality of the hire and the ability to avoid a 90-day turnover rate. The infographic also emphasizes how the financial services sector is more likely to use technology solutions in its onboarding processes, placing a distinct focus on:

  • Using a single software solution
  • Using in-house-developed technology

Download the infographic to learn how effective onboarding can lead to improved retention, reduced turnover, and faster time to productivity. Then follow the link to download the ebook, Improved Best Practices for Onboarding, to learn more about what you need to know to create a more effective new-hire strategy for your financial services organization.