Learn how guided analytics provides detailed, real-time data that allow managers to identify and correct hidden labor management issues.

Guided Analytics: Uncovering Hidden Labor Costs

font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;><span>Learn how to leverage </span><span>your existing Workforce Timekeeper™ data using Kronos Guided Analytics to uncover major labor cost savings opportunities.</span><span></span></font></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;></font></span></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;>Many organizations neglect to mine their own data to uncover valuable information they can use to their savings advantage. With Guided Analytics, you can quickly and easily discover potential labor cost savings in areas such as overtime, schedule effectiveness, time paid but not worked, and absenteeism.<span></span></font></span></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;></font></span></p><p><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;><span>This white paper </span><span>presents four real-life scenarios involving a labor management issue – in healthcare – that was invisible to managers when they reviewed their basic productivity and labor cost reports. </span><span>Find out how Guided Analytics</span><span> provided the data that isolated the problems and led managers to take appropriate corrective steps, which, in each case, resulted in lower direct and indirect costs.</span></font></p><p>