A Guide for Maximizing Insurance Field Agent Tracking and Reporting

Robust workforce management solutions deliver superior, actionable results.

Maximize the performance and efficiency of your field agents with a modern workforce solution that includes mobile timekeeping and robust reporting features.

Insurance companies are facing pressure from all sides, including a tight labor market and increased competition from digital disruptors delivering low-cost, direct-to-consumer insurance through the convenience of apps. In this environment, maximizing the performance and efficiency of your field agents is more important than ever. Let UKG for Insurance help you manage your most valuable asset: your workforce.

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With the responsibility for managing multiple claims coupled with customers' expectations for quick resolutions, your insurance field agents are dealing with a challenging work environment. Long hours and difficulty tracking and reporting their time can quickly lead to high rates of overtime and low employee morale and engagement, both of which impact your ability to deliver excellent customer service while controlling costs.

Download this step-by-step guide to learn how UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) can help you navigate the complexities associated with modernizing your field agent workforce management with UKG for Insurance.